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Brazilian Butt Lift – Detroit Gluteal Augmentation

Published on February 15, 2016
Brazilian Butt Lift Detroit

Do you want a great-looking butt that you can feel proud of? If so, consider a Brazilian butt lift! There are three main steps involved in this unique and popular procedure: harvesting, purification, and injection.

Brazilian butt lift gluteal augmentation begins with liposuction to harvest fat cells for use as a volumizing material. The fat is purified to remove dead and damaged cells, leaving only the healthiest fat. This fat is then injected into the tissues of the patient’s buttocks, creating new volume and curve.

Contact us to learn more about what goes into performing a Brazilian butt lift during a helpful consultation at our office. Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ian Lytle regularly serves the Detroit area and will be happy to aid you in achieving your beauty goals.

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