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How the Fat Is Prepared for Facial Fat Grafting

Published on November 14, 2017

Facial fat grafting is an excellent option for restoring the youthful appearance of your face and enhancing the contours of your facial profile. Before the harvested fat can be injected into the desired area of the face, it must be purified and processed into an injectable form.

The fat is harvested using liposuction from an area of the body that has an excess amount of fat, typically the thighs, waist, or back. The fat is then placed inside a centrifuge, which will separate the fat from any other substances that were gathered during the liposuction procedure. Once that fat has been purified and the healthy fat cells are gathered, they can be safely injected into the face.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ian Lytle has restored the appearance of numerous patients using facial fat grafting and can provide you with natural-looking results. Contact Lytle Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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