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Chemical Peels

We offer a variety of peels to address
Aging, acne, pigment and melasma
Benefits of Doing a Chemical Peel
There are so many wonderful benefits to chemical peels. If you have anyissues you are working on in your skin, or if you are working on protecting and preventing any issues in your skin, then peels are right for you. At Lytle Plastic Surgery, we strive to cater to all skin types, all skin conditions, and all preferences in the way you take care of your skin.
Very Superfical Peel:
Very superficial peels are the lightest peels we offer and require no down time. These peels are a great way to introduce your skin to the world of chemical peels if you have never received one before. Very superficial peels are also great for maintaining your skin after you have gone through a series of peels or to keep your skin active and healthy.
Superficial Peel:
Superficial peels are a great for skin that is prepped and ready for a more active treatment on the skin. This is where we can begin to customize and cater the peel for the concerns in the skin. Superficial peels will cause light flaking or peeling for a few days post peel, but can also have no down time. This will depend on the amount of layering or time the peel is on the skin. During these peels, the skin will begin to feel active and can be hot on the skin. After the peel has been applied, it is normal to feel tightness of the skin and see light pigmentation or light acne come to the surface. Plan on 1-3 days of down time if this is your first time with a superficial peel and they can be received every 4-6 weeks if desired.
Medium Depth Peel:
Medium depth peels are the deepest peels you can receive from an Aesthetician. Before receiving this peel, it is essential the skin is prepped and ready for this peel. It is also just as important for the client to be ready for 7-14 days of downtime (especially sun exposure) after receiving this level of peel. This is where we can truly manipulate the skin and see major results in skin imperfections. Medium depth peels will cause deep peeling and or flaking to the skin for up to 14 days after receiving the peel. While the peel is being applied, the skin will feel fairly uncomfortable and will feel a large amount of heat. Immediately prior the skin will feel very tight and you will begin to see pigmentation or acne surface. 1-4 days after the peel, you will see more pigmentation come to the surface and it is essential to keep the skin moisturized and healthy during this process. 3-5 days prior, you will begin to see the shedding and or intense flaking in the skin. It is also essential the skin remains moisturized during this process as well. It is important to know what the skin will look like during this process and how long the skin will stay that way before it is ready to reveal your amazingly beautiful glowing skin!

Not only is Dr. Lytle an incredibly talented plastic surgeon, he is also incredibly kind and generous. I would highly recommend him to anyone with plastic surgery needs. - Facebook Reviewer

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