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It’s Not Just Fat That’s Giving You That Stomach Bulge

Published on March 17, 2017

If you look down at your stomach and see a prominent bulge, you may think that the problem is just excess fat and that a little dieting and exercise can get rid of it. Excess fat is not the only issue that can cause your stomach to noticeably protrude from your body. Excess loose skin and a weakening of the muscles along the abdominal wall heavily contribute to the issue.

Factors like aging, gravity, and changes in weight can significantly affect the strength of the skin on your abdomen. This skin can become loose and may begin to sag, giving your stomach an unappealing and oddly shaped appearance. When the abdominal wall loses its strength and structure, it can sag downward and outward, creating a noticeable bulge that can only be corrected through surgery.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ian Lytle can restore the strength of your abdominal wall and give your abdomen a flat and toned appearance with a tummy tuck. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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