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What Is the Healing Process Like After Eyelid Surgery?

Published on March 16, 2020

Eyelid surgery, like any other surgery involves a recovery period during which you need to follow your surgeon’s advice and take utmost care of yourself. With appropriate care, you can reduce the downtime, heal faster and enjoy the results of the surgery sooner. An eyelid surgery can be performed in a hospital or any well-facilitated cosmetic clinic by a certified surgeon.

Healing Process

Immediately After the Surgery

  • You will see swelling and redness around the incision sites, but these are temporary and subside quickly. Cold compress may be applied to reduce swelling.
  • Your eyelids may feel tight however, your cosmetic expert will administer analgesics and help you cope with it.
  • Keep your head elevated when resting. This minimizes bruising and swelling.

First Week

  • Avoid activities that might dry up your eyes. Do not wear contact lenses and avoid watching Television and reading.
  • Rest as much as possible for a few days since your eyes tend to tire easily during this period.

Second Week

  • You will experience reduced pain and swelling.
  • Wear dark sunglasses for 2 weeks to avoid direct exposure to the Sun and wind.
  • Avoid bending, lifting, crying and stay away from strenuous physical activities.

Within a week after the treatment, your plastic surgeon will remove the stitches and by the end of 10-12 days, you can get back to your routine activities.

If you want to heal quickly and experience best results of an eyelid surgery, ensure to get the treatment from a reputed and experienced cosmetic professional.

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